Environmental Control

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Below you will find educational material that may be helpful in the management and treatment of your symptoms. Please note that this information is for educational and reference purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product or course of action. This information does not replace medical consultations with any of our physicians. If you have medical concern, please call our office to make an appointment.

National Allergy

One of the nation’s largest asthma, sinus and allergy products suppliers. Carries dust mite proof pillow & mattress encasings, HEPA filters, mold and mite sprays and other allergy related products.

Allergy Guardian

Allergy Guardian is a reliable company that specializes in mattress, box springs, and pillow encasings based on the same high quality manufacturing standards used for cleanroom garments. They also offer other products for relief from respiratory allergies (e.g. air purifiers, allergy control products, cleaning products, etc.).

Directly from the company, here is what Allergy Guardian is all about:

“Our Allergen Avoidance Action Plan has 3 easy steps: Get READY by learning, Get SET by identifying your plan, and GUARD your health by taking action against allergens using allergy-proof encasings. Our superior materials and construction give you the highest quality and value at discounted prices.”