The doctors and staff of our office are committed to delivering excellent medical care to patients with allergic, respiratory and immunologic diseases. Specifically, AAMGRC and it’s staff strive to do the following:
  • To be punctual
  • To educate
  • To make sure the patient is aware of what is going to happen with their visit with us ahead of time
  • To be available for answering questions
  • To be as accommodating as possible about followup and acute visit appointments
  • To ensure patients understand their medical condition and how it should be managed
  • To be pleasant, have a smile on our face, but also be professional at all times
  • To be “kid-friendly” since so many of our patients are children
  • To be good listeners
  • To help with billing issues as much as we are able to
  • To go “the extra mile”

We believe that your trust and respect should be earned. We are proud of our work, but are always striving to better serve your needs. If you have ideas and suggestions, we will be pleased to hear them.

This website does not provide specific medical advice and does not replace medical consultations with qualified health or medical professionals. Information on this website is for educational and reference purposes only.