Allergy Desensitization Program

Allergy desensitization program

  • Some patients may need to be treated with an allergy desensitization program (other names are hyposensitization, immunotherapy, and allergy injections).
  • Allergy extract for a given individual is specially prepared in our office for that individual. Bottles of extract can last from 6-12 months depending on the frequency of injections.
  • The patient may receive allergy injections in our office or the extracts and instructions may be sent to another physician who agrees to administer the injections under his/her supervision.
  • Allergy injections should always be administered in a physician’s office so that treatment is available for any adverse reaction.
    For your safety, it is necessary for you to remain in the office for 30 minutes after each injection.
  • Although a specific appointment time is not mandatory for an allergy injection, we highly encourage our injection patients to schedule their injection on a particular day. Patients can schedule injections well in advance, the same day they plan on coming, or even on their way to the office. This helps our staff to be prepared for the patient’s arrival, and streamlines the patient’s check-in at reception. To schedule your injection, call (858) 966-4900, and press option 7 for reception. Injection room hours can be seen on our contact us page.