Exercise-induced Bronchospasm

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines

Run, play, and laugh! For most people, these are part of a healthy, happy life. The national “Let’s Move” program has recognized the need to establish good exercise habits in childhood. However, challenges to achieving this goal for the majority of people with asthma include the fact that their bronchial airways can tighten (broncho-constriction) in response to exercise. This can even impact social development when recreational activities, required physical education, or involvement in competitive sports may be limited.

Symptoms of exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) include shortness of breath, tight cough and wheezing during or within 20 minutes after exercise. Most people with chronic asthma will experience EIB with heavy exercise at some time. EIB can also occur in people without underlying asthma.

It is important to be evaluated by your health care professional to establish the diagnosis and receive preventative treatment to allow full, healthy physical activity. Our doctors and nurse practitioner can provide evaluation and treatment so that this condition does not keep you on the sidelines.

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